Meta is a business development outsource firm that specializes in the complex and hard-to-sell.  These offerings are typically sophisticated, expensive, have long sales-cycles and are sold into markets with serious competition. Our focus is on the front-end of the sales process – helping our clients to fill and maintain their sales pipelines with high-quality closable sales opportunities. Our services range from prospecting process optimization and message development, to sales prospecting program execution and database manipulation services.

Meta has been in business since 1992 and was a pioneer in the creation and evolution of high-end business-to-business sales prospecting as an outsourced service. We have worked for 100s of companies from startups to the Fortune 500 on every conceivable type of direct out-reach and inbound response program. More importantly, we know what really works and what doesn’t. We have experience in a broad-range of industries/markets, from tech and healthcare to manufacturing and management consulting.

Meta’s prospecting execution service is unique in that the opportunities we generate for our clients have an extraordinary high close rate, lately averaging around one out of three!  We attribute this to the quality of our team, proven 6-step prospecting process (TeleProspecting®), proprietary CRM system (TELE-QUAL®), prospect approach method (Pursuit Protocol™) and prospect out-reach management system (PrioriCall™).  Our experience, process, methods and systems have enabled us to triple conventional contact and prospecting productivity rates.  And we are happy to share our hard-learned experience and tools with others who wish to increase the productivity of their sales prospecting team.

Meta can help you establish your own high-performance prospecting program, optimize your existing prospecting process, generate “over the top” sales opportunities (leveraging our in-house team), or acquire/develop a prospect database unique to your specialized target market and buyers.

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