Meta’s core competency is B2B sales prospecting.  We have 25+ years experience designing, executing, and perfecting sales prospecting programs for hundreds of clients with products and services that frequently are hard-to-sell.  Who better to provide ideas, insight and guidance on how to implement, execute and optimize your prospecting program?

Meta’s consulting services include:

Prospecting program strategy

Every prospecting program is unique.  We’ll help you formalize your target market and targeted buyers, database sources (if needed), appropriate messaging, prospect qualification and development criteria, etc., as well as the resources needed to generate the desired flow of opportunities, and the setup steps and lead-time needed to launch. Why not leverage Meta’s experience helping others perform similar prospecting efforts to make yours a full success?

Target market and prospective buyer definition

Few things impact the success of a prospecting effort more than who you are targeting. Frequently, companies “work” a hodge-podge of “house” leads instead of acquiring a fresh highly-targeted database. Let Meta help you tightly define your target market and prospective buyers and define and/or acquire a database that will streamline and minimize the ultimate cost of your prospecting effort.

Sales Prospecting Lab — Selling message development & optimization

As you might expect, the message significantly impacts the response rate of your prospecting effort.  Meta has developed a unique message method that increases response and conversion rate, filters out “non-buyers” early in the process, and is effective in displacing the incumbent competition. Furthermore, we have a dedicated in-house Sales Prospecting Lab that market tests and optimizes B2B prospecting messaging to ensure it provides maximum and desired results.

Prospecting process definition and optimization

Most sales organizations have an established sales process, but few have a defined sales prospecting process. A well-defined prospecting process streamlines the prospecting effort and facilitates pipeline status and prospector performance reporting. The an effective process addresses duplicate records, organizational filtering, prospective buyer identification, message delivery and response handling, qualification, prospect development and appointment setting. If yours doesn’t or you’d like help defining your prospecting process, consider Meta.

Setting up a new an inside prospecting operation

It sounds easy, but there are dozens of details that are easily overlooked and fraught with pit falls. To minimize their risk, some of our clients elected to have us setup and pilot their prospecting campaign in-house at Meta, before implementing it in their own organization.  In addition, as an added benefit, the “returning” program comes equipped with Meta’s highly-effective process, approaches, tactics,and detailed reporting methods.

Streamlining your inside prospecting operation

After reviewing the client’s objectives, database(s), materials, processes, approaches, tactics, reports and CRM system, Meta will provide ideas and insight on how to make it highly functional and productive.

CRM system optimization

Many companies don’t realize they can get much more value from their CRM, especially for prospecting.  We’ll show you how from first-hand experience developing, using and continuously improving our own system.

Prospecting program management reporting

We help you develop reports for better prospecting program management, from pipeline statistics and caller performance to analyzing “no interest” and computing database exhaustion.