Sales trainers are a dime a dozen.  Those that specialize in B2B sales prospecting are few and far between. Trainers that are part of large or franchised sales training operations are ideal for generic ideas and one-size fits-all methods.  They’re great for consistency, but not so good for addressing the unique issues and challenges typical of most prospecting operations.

Because Meta is a sales prospecting company for hire, we have to produce for our client’s or we “go away”.  This means we have to adapt to each client’s unique needs and challenges and employ approaches and solutions that really work.  Complicating this, is technology, markets, and buyer behavior continues to evolve, requiring that our approach , methods and training content be continually enhanced.

To ramp-up our new prospectors and maximize their skill level, we have developed and refined a suite of training modules.  The modules cover a wide-range of topics from our proven process and messaging approach, to effective tactics and CRM system use.  These modules have direct application to other B2B prospecting operations.  And who better to train and coach your prospecting team than a company with years of experience delivering high-end B2B sales prospects to clients?

Our sales prospecting training & coaching services include:

Introduction to B2B sales prospecting

Includes the fundamentals from assessing demographic fit and identifying target contacts, to qualifying prospects and setting appointments.

Maximizing prospector effectiveness

Teaches work prioritization, documenting “lead” progress, how and how not to present yourself, responding to soft rejection, and knowing when to call it quits with an unresponsive record.

Getting Through to prospects

We believe the biggest challenge to B2B prospecting today is getting through to prospective buyers.  The better you are at getting through and delivering your message, the more productive you’ll be.  At Meta, we’ve tripled our contact rate (significantly increasing our productivity), by applying an approach method that we developed and perfected over the years.  We now are making our Pursuit Protocol™ and 2nd Ops™ tactics available to others.  This training program teaches you our secret sauce to getting through.

Download Getting Through PDF

Developing & tailoring voicemail, email, and in-person message delivery

This training module teaches prospectors how to maximize their contact rate and conversion rate by developing and delivering buyer-centric messaging that resonates.

Prospecting program setup & management

Teaches prospecting program managers how to set-up and execute a highly-productive B2B prospecting program.

Other training modules:

  • Targeting, understanding management hierarchy, identifying
    decision-makers and the contact identification process
  • Call disposition and opportunity documentation
  • The prospecting process and “maximum progress rule”
  • How to attack a prospecting database and develop a daily
    database work schedule
  • Applying and leveraging call-back dates, the call-back chain™, and when to “chase” opportunities
  • Effectively qualification and exploring opportunities applying Meta’s 6-category exploration matrix
  • When and how to use reminders to significantly reduce follow-up drop out