Execution Services

Meta provides a wide-range of services to empower Sales and facilitate business growth. All are performed by our in-house team of sales professionals using our proven processes, approaches and systems to provide consistent high-quality results. We refer to these offerings as our “execution” services.

Meta’s execution services include:

Sales pipeline building & business development

When you need high-quality sales prospects and new business and don’t have time to chase unfruitful opportunities, Meta is the answer. Meta 6-Step TeleProspecting process, used by our in-house team, generates high-quality opportunities, ensuring maximum return for your investment. In fact, for the last several years, the close rate of opportunities delivered to our clients has hovered around 1:3, a remarkably high conversion rate. Let us show you that experience does matter and that Meta is the quickest way to increasing sales and lowering your cost of selling.

Indirect channel development, partner recruiting & vetting, and channel support

Many businesses rely heavily on distributors, resellers, and manufacturing agents to bring in new business. Identifying quality partners and maintaining a motivated outside sales force is key to the success of these businesses, though few know how to fully leverage this sales channel. Meta does. Also, ask how Meta can substitute for under-performing agents or covering unsupported or new sales territories.

Sales pipeline value assessment, sales forecast quantification, and key account intelligence gathering

When the chips are down, knowing what you really have is key. Few companies trust the quality of their sales pipeline nor the close-ability of what is in their sales forecast. Meta can assess your sales pipeline and forecast so you know where you stand, who your sales producers are, who’s entering “fluff”, and how to prioritize your sales efforts moving forward. In addition, frequently Meta can “save” opportunities from slipping away, as well as provide valuable insight into competitive and internal influences impacting deals.

Business sale valuation improvement and pre & post IPO stock value bolstering

Meta provides a service to increase the valuation of the business or boost its stock value.  Meta has worked with companies that are distressed, positioning for investment capital, to be sold or go public, or simply wish to boost their stock value.  We understand that having a solid sales pipeline and strong sales forecast are key to demonstrating business health, value and growth potential.  Meta knows how to build sales pipelines that result in new and future forecastable business revenue.  When it’s necessary to move perceptions positive, Meta can help.  Clients that used this unique service include:

  • Viador (acquired by Google)
  • Ilesfay (acquired by PTC/Autodesk)
  • Bullsoft (Groupe Bull SA )
  • Peoplesoft (acquired by Oracle)
  • Vigilant Solutions
  • Transys, now Covansys

Lead follow-up, prospect development, and appointment setting

Time is money.  This is especially true of the opportunity cost of sales leads that fizzle away unless followed up on.  Meta provides a follow up service to do just this.  It is unique in its ability to quickly reach prospects, identify the real buyers (if they’re not the one inquiring), and move them forward or set sales call appointments. This service is ideal for companies with limited sales & marketing resources that generate an abundance of leads from their website, email outreach, social media, events, and commercial lead services like 6sense® and TechTarget®.

Strategic account penetration service

Most businesses have key accounts they wish were their customers, but can’t seem to get the opportunity to sell them. Adding to this challenge is the increasing complexity identifying and difficult reaching the powers-to-be to introduce your product or service. We’ve addressed this issue with a service that gets you in front of the strategic accounts you need to sell to grow your business. Meta specializes in the hard-to-sell and leveraging its experience to not only identify the right people you need to talk to, but sets a sales call appointment for you to introduce and expound upon your solution. We’ve helped sales executives, channel managers, manufacturing agents, consulting partners, small business owners and new business innovators to close new strategically important business. Now you can too.

New product/service market viability testing

Many companies discover the hard way that their new product or service missed the mark, throwing bo-ku dollars and immeasurable man-hours down the drain. There is a better way. A service that allows companies to test market a product or service concept before investing in design engineering, product development and marketing to bring it to market. Meta works with the client to develop a “virtual” model of the offering. We then test market the offering to determine its appeal, competitive influences, price-points, etc., as well as obtain feedback on expected features and benefits. This information is valuable in making an informed go, no-go decision. And if it’s a go, you’ll have the start of a sales pipeline and potential reference accounts.

Buyer-seller gap analysis

Have you ever tried to reach a sales person when shopping for a business solution? Can you even find the organization’s phone number on their website? When you do call, were you greeted by an automated attendant system encouraging you to visit the website? Maybe you were provided with a spell-by-name directory (if you only knew who to contact) and, if you’re lucky, an option to reach an operator, which you jump on only to land in the general voicemail box. Frustrated, you take your business elsewhere — you’re not alone. Experts believe companies lose in excess of 15% of new business this way. If you’re curious about how your company fairs in this regard and want to minimize this this type of sales loss, Meta provides a novel solution — A comprehensive Buyer Reception Audit that identifies gaps and issues limiting buyer-seller interaction.

Event attendee recruiting

There are numerous ways to bring in new business. Many companies invest in webinars, seminars and tradeshows. Getting quality prospects to attend your events or visit your booth is imperative to offset the it’s high cost. Meta helps client’s get the most return from their events by getting the right people to them. We can also follow-up after the event so that no-one slips between the cracks.

Market Intelligence Gathering

There is no better way to collect accurate market feedback quickly than going directly to the source — your prospects and customers. Meta’s Intelligence Gathering service ensures that your “survey” is designed well, that both questions and answers are clearly understood, responses are thorough and surveys complete, as well as provide the feedback you need in a short time-frame. Clients use Meta to obtain customer feedback, prospect insight, and product enhancement ideas, as well as to determine price sensitivity, market demand, identify trends and even find meaningful topics for white-papers and presentations.

Executive networking

Meta provides an innovative executive networking service that goes way beyond social networking to get you in front of the people you want to meet when you want to meet them. Exec-Connect is unlike social networking “services” like Linkedin® which have abbreviated and often out-of-date contact information and uses a frequently unproductive open-ended introduction method. Exec-Connect, on the other hand, sets phone call and meeting appointments with executives (typically peers) to open new doors, expand business opportunities, and advance careers.

Target contact identification

Most of us have learned the hard way, that the quality and level of contacts in a commercially available database is quite poor at best. Meta understands this — that the quality of contacts is key to having meaningful sales discussions, eliminating chasing after dead-end “opportunities”, and promoting short sales cycles. Meta is expert in contact identification and performs this task as a course of business every day for our clients. We are happy to provide this service so that you can maximize the effectiveness and return of your sales & marketing out-reach program.

Sales & marketing database cleanup

There is a well known fact that the effectiveness of a sales or marketing effort is directly tied to the quality of leads you start with. “House” lists and CRM databases age away if not regularly maintained. Commercially purchased databases frequently contain companies that aren’t a good fit for your solution and rarely contain the right contacts. Worse yet, job changes and turn-over result in 1/3 of contacts becoming invalid per year. Meta can help you maintain the validity of you database by removing or flagging the duplicate records, eliminating the bad fits, and identifying or updating the prospective buyer(s) contact information, streamlining your sales effort and reducing your cost of selling.

Database compilation (building)

When you can’t find a commercial database of sufficient quality to seed your sales & marketing effort, consider building your own. Meta has developed databases for clients targeting organizations that fall between the cracks using commercial classification methods (SIC & NAICS) and where tradeshow and periodical lists are not available or sufficient.